Monday, January 19, 2009

TV Series

This time there are some tv series up for grabs. Direct links for tv series. Thanks to the original uploader and again all series available on Amazon link above.

TV Series 1. The Shield-Season 7

Download Link

TV Series 2. How I met your mother-Season 2

Download Link

TV Series 3. Sons of anarchy-Season 1

Download Link

TV Series 4. Top Gear-Season 12

Download Link

More Blockbuster downloads

Well time for my second post. More movies this time around. Mostly direct links but a couple of megaupload links as well. Downloading is easy but don't forget to buy the originals from the above amazon link.

Thanks again to the original uploader.

Movie 1. Green Street Hooligans

Download Link

Movie 2. I am Legend

Download Link

Movie 3. Twilight

Download Link

Movie 4. ResidentEvil-Degeneration

Download Link

Movie 5. City of God (English Subtitled)

Download Link

Movie 6. Baraka

Download Link

Best Movie Downloads Direct links

Well movie downloads are back. All the blockbuster movies you even would want. But take my advice, buy them from amazon above.

As always don't forget to check the parent directories and many many thanks to the original uploaders.

Some of the best movies of the decade below:

1. 300
Download Link

2. Superbad
Download Link

3. The.Happening
Download Link

4. Burn After Reading
Download Link

5 . V For Vendetta
Download Link

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Best collection of ebooks on the internet

Hey, look what I found!!! A collection of the best ebooks on the internet, ranging from meditation to stock markets.

Well and that is not all!! More e-books below:

Find all the free e-books you need below:

Happy reading and happy downloading!!! :-)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

There are plenty of places over the internet where full movie downloads can be found. If you know the correct way to look. Below are some of the blockbuster movies I was able to find over the internet. Thanks to the original uploader.

Eagles: Hell Freezes Over (1994) (TV)

Blockbuster Movie downloads

Mp4 blockbuster movie downloads and much more

DVD Knocked Up

DVD Valiant

DVD Disney - Dinosaur

DVD Babylon 5 - The Lost Tales - Voices In The Dark

DVD Fire & Ice - The Dragon Chronicles

Friday, January 2, 2009


310 to yuma:

The secret:

music links

Don't forget to check the parent directories:

music vids

Queens of the stone age

alan parsons project

Rammstein Discography,check pd

Black Crowes Washington DC 9.18.06

The Verve - Forth

t.i. - paper trail

The Best of Danny Kaye [Music Club]

The Cure-413 Dream
DVD Pink Floyd - The Wall

DVD Tim Burton's - Planet Of The Apes

DVD Unbreakable

DVD Treasure Planet

DVD The Rock

DVD Interview with a Vampire
DVD The Fifth Element

DVD Star Trek 7 - Generations

DVD Master and Commander - The Far Side Of The World

DVD Troy

DVD Bruce Almighty