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A request

Hi Guys,
I have been having quite a few visits but no contributions. It's becoming increasingly difficult to post new stuff here for lack of time........How wonderful it would be if all of us contributed one link...Please post some links.

Thanks in advance

Here are the links for today:

DVD Collateral (2004)

life after people

Monday, November 24, 2008

direct movie downloads

We are back with a lot of movie downloads.

Remo Williams:

Hell lot of movies:
agent cody banks,i robot,2 fast 2 furious,gone in 60 seconds,men in black etc.

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2007 Voyage of the Damned [MM].avi 13-Nov-2008 13:27 600M
Doctor Who 2005-2006 - Christmas Invasion (xmas special, 2005, (ws.pdtv.xvid-river.[VTV]).avi 12-Nov-2008 21:46 698M
Doctor Who 2005 - 1x13 - The Parting Of The Ways (Part 2) (WS_PDTV_XviD-FoV).avi 12-Nov-2008 21:32 350M
Doctor Who 2005 - 1x12 - Bad Wolf (Part 1) (ws_pdtv_xvid.[MM]).avi 12-Nov-2008 21:30 350M
Doctor Who 2005 - 1x11 - Boom Town (ws_pdtv_xvid.[MM]).avi 12-Nov-2008 21:27 350M
Doctor Who 2005 - 1x10 - The Doctor Dances (part 2) (ws_pdtv_xvid-fov.[VTV]).avi 12-Nov-2008 21:24 351M
Doctor Who 2005 - 1x09 - The Empty Child (part 1) (ws.pdtv.xvid-gothic.[VTV]).avi 12-Nov-2008 21:21 349M
Doctor Who 2005 - 1x08 - Father's Day (pdtv.[TOKO]).avi 12-Nov-2008 21:18 350M
Doctor Who 2005 - 1x07 - The Long Game (ws_pdtv_xvid-fov.[BT]).avi 12-Nov-2008 20:58 350M
Doctor Who 2005 - 1x06 - Dalek (ws_pdtv_xvid-fov.[BT]).avi 12-Nov-2008 20:51 351M
Doctor Who 2005 - 1x05 - World War Three (part 2) (ws_pdtv_xvid-fov.[BT]).avi 12-Nov-2008 20:15 350M
Doctor Who 2005 - 1x04 - Aliens Of London (part 1) (ws_pdtv_xvid-fov.[BT]).avi 12-Nov-2008 20:09 350M
Doctor Who 2005 - 1x03 - The Unquiet Dead (ws_pdtv_xvid-fov.[BT]).avi 12-Nov-2008 20:03 352M
Doctor Who 2005 - 1x02 - The End Of The World (ws_pdtv_xvid-fov.[BT]).avi 12-Nov-2008 19:56 351M
Doctor Who 2005 - 1x01 - Rose (ws_pdtv_xvid-fov).avi 12-Nov-2008 19:44 350M

Software and TV series:
Greys anatomy,dexter etc

Hellboy2,hot fuzz,kungfu panda,The x factor:


Hollywood movies dubbed in French:;O=A

Bringing out the dead:

Tamil movies:

The bank Job:

Rambo 2008:

Final Fantasy:

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How To Lose Friends And Alienate People

Saw 5


Thomas Kinkades Christmas Cottage

The Happening

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

bitload movies

Universal Soldier

highlander - endgame

Highlander 3 - The Sorcerer

Harrison Ford - The Fugitive

Donnie Brasco

Disney's - Pocahontas

Disney's Hercules

Disney's Tarzan

behind enemy lines 2 - axis of evil

Monday, November 10, 2008

Did you guys miss me??

Hi All,
Been busy with loads of work and my articles. Did you know I did that too? Ooh yes, I write. If you want some nice advice on finance or life, check out my articles at associatedcontent.
Getting back to business, there are a lot of DVDs now, but unfortunately all on megaupload. But don't fret, all the files are as a single download. So here goes.

E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial

Big Fish

Changing Lanes


Mr. Beans Holiday

Blood & Chocolate

Hell Ride

Sliding Doors

The Lazarus Project

Love and Other Disasters

Speed Racer

The Man From Earth


The Kingdom

Then She Found Me

Ripple Effect

Bait Shop

Cold Heart Canyon


Perfect Hideout


XXX State Of The Union

One Long Night

Futurama - Benders Game

Star Wars - The Clone Wars

Pineapple Express

Thats it for now. I have a huge list of rapidshare folder for music and movies. Do post in a comment if you guys would be interested and I post that as well

Till next time then...which will be soon