Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here's today's party

Today is my birthday and I am feeling extremely benevolent. I have a whole bag of links today. Movies, music and more. So hop on into this wild download journey.

Music has always been the first priority in my life. So let me cover the music links first:

Scorpions and some good music.Check the Parent Directory.Might be something useful

some Japanese pop if you are interested

Some assorted music;O=A

Lots of assorted stuff classified from the 60s to 90s and also some Jazz music

more assorted stuff classified from 2004 to 2007

Random assorted stuff

good list of albums;O=A

more assorted music

some small movies

28 weeks later and more

The Bank Job and the verve live

some movie;O=A

There more on the way.Can't post rite now due to lack of time.Keep checking guys.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

not much but still a couple

Well you have good days and you have the bad days. And since today has been a bad day and I haven't been able to dig up much gold I have decided to share with you guys how I actually go about gold diggin'.Tough this isn't the only way I do it :-).Lesson for today. Check out this site.It basically creates a google query which can later be tweaked to find whatever you need.It scans the homepages of websites to reveal what actually they have hidden.You have options on the right for searching songs,ebooks,software etc.

Well that brings us to the finds for today.
Huge list of bands like The Doors,A Perfect Circle etc.

some nice songs like R kelly's I believe I can fly and more.;O=D

Site has a lot of movies like Happy Feet and MI3.Movies are in tar format and will have to to untared using either winzip or winrar.Check out the parent directory for software and ebooks

The Dark Knight
Need I say more??

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

and I am back

Hi all.Here I come with more movies and music today.

None I have listened to,but worth a look anyway.

This one has some decent albums.Some Ace of base as well.

More of a podcast

Huge mp3 list.Arctic Monkeys,Burial etc.Also some trance

Huge Album list.50 cent,Eminem,Gangstarr,Green Day and many more

Eddie Vedder,Willie Nelson etc.

Music Videos:
Lot of metal music videos.Emperor,Death,Testament,Vader,Slayer,Megadeth etc.

Software for your mac.Parent Directory has software for your pc.

Some nice utilities

Battlefield 1942,empire earth,half life


Lots of mp4 movies and television series.

Lost in Transaltion.

american pie

Lot of good movies.Stealth,family guy,the island,saw2,Kindom of heaven,the 40 year old virgin etc.

Lots of movies and tv series.Prison break,asterix,ghostrider,terminator etc.DO NOT FORGET TO CHECK THE PARENT DIRECTORY FOR MORE STUFF.

Not much but still worth a look

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Movies music and some freaky clips

Howdy howdy....Been a bit busy with work and hence couldn't find something useful.Wanted to feed my conscience so it doesn't grumble about getting paid for nothing.Lol.I will try to put up a daily post,i am trying to streamline the process where I get the lists and post them.But I have been compiling and here goes todays list.As usual do not forget to check the Parent Directories.

Music Videos:
Has a decent list.Check it out

I liked a couple of videos here but then my choice isnt everyones choice.

Some names I have heard some I haven't.But again a huge list.

Mostly featuring some mixes.But a huge list nonetheless's%20uploads/

Mixture of everything from metal to hip hop

I have not heard of any of the featured artists.But then you may have :-)

2008 music lists

Has Blind Guardian,Apocalytica,Rammstein,Nightwish discographies.

some assorted stuff.Also has some software.

Some animated movies:

Some cartoon stuff:

some animations and Pan's Labyrinth:
Pan's Labyrinth is a fantasy movie which has had some excellent reviews.

excellent rmvb movies:
Has all the movies you would like to have.Hitman,300,godzilla,spiderman 3,indiana jones.You name it you have it here but movies are in rmvb format.Also has photoshop cs4.EVERYTHING SEEMS TO BE IN POLISH TOUGH.

Freaky Stuff:
Some war stuff.

Martial Arts videos:

The mysterious crop circle videos:

Flash Games:

Well guys that should keep you guys busy for the day.Come back tomorrow for more. :-)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

some movies for today

Here we go again.No doubt after a couple of days but not quite to let you guys forget me.Havn't been getting much time lately since I've been trying my hand at a couple of other things.I might eventually start a blog on these very things soon :-)
Enough tongue wagging.Lets get down to business.Go ahead and check out the links below.As always do not forget to check the parent directories. And also do not forget to inform me about dead links so I can remove them from the list.

Van damme movie - Lionheart

Devil's Prey
Seems to be some thriller movie.....But the who cares its free

Definitely Maybe
IMDB states the lot as :A political consultant tries to explain his impending divorce and past relationships to his 11-year-old daughter.

I start my search today again and will update with some more movies and some music

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Well I ve searched and searched

Well today we have movies....a hell lot of movies:
I have not checked all the links.Let me know of the dead or the faulty ones and I ll remove them.
Do not forget to check the parent directories...

The Bank Job and more:

The Hills have Eyes:

28 Weeks Later and More:;O=A

Tampopo and black books in pd+ music;O=D;O=A;O=D;O=D;O=D

Music Videos: